Kahlil Gibran, beloved Lebanese-American author and artist, is known to millions around the world because of his iconic work The Prophet and is said to be the most read prose poet after Shakespeare and Lao-Tzu. Gibran was a prolific writer of other prose and poetry as well as an accomplished and prolific painter. His philosophical, spiritual, political and other messages for mankind are more relevant today than ever.

There are a series of different projects, in various stages of development and production, that will be presenting Kahlil Gibran's full range of writing and art to global audiences. Various ventures, production partners, entities and creative teams, are each working concurrently, with different time-frames and in different media, to this common cultural end. For further background information on these projects, please click on the icons below:

filmGibran - Biographical Feature Film
animebwKahlil Gibran's The Prophet - Animated Feature Film
filmRest Upon The Wind
Stage Play
momdaughtersInternational Art Exhibition Tour